October 30, 2020


Success Story: Doubling Conversion Rates With Google Dynamic Search

Success Story: Dynamic Search For Lead Gen

Catalyst’s client, one of the nation’s leading self-storage companies, was looking for ways to adapt their marketing in an effort to offset major increases in cost per acquisition (CPA), due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. While we were able to make incremental improvements through the course of the summer, self-storage was one of the industries that was affected by changing consumer behaviours.

Working with Google we set in motion a plan to introduce a new strategy to take advantage of the client's refreshed website, shifting a portion of their search budget towards keyword-less search. We combined this with Google’s Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) to provide adaptive ad content through machine learning.


Utilizing Google’s Machine Learning to Match Searchers & Landing Pages

Instead of using keywords, DSAs can crawl the advertiser's website and automatically serve ads when a search is relevant to matched content - the system generates headlines, keeping ads relevant, saving time, and driving users to the most appropriate page. 

We identified three categories and two URLs to begin testing, using roughly 15% of our monthly budget. Through these categories the DSAs were also able to identify other potentially successful landing pages, directing subsets of high-intent audiences to more qualified pages. During this initial launch we saw promising early results and so scaled DSAs to 50% of our budget to capitalize on this improving efficiency.


The Results: Lower than pre-pandemic CPAs with vastly increased conversion volume!

 In September 2020 we were able to drive the highest amount of conversions of the entire year (including the pre-pandemic months), improving our CPA over 65% from its peak in April! 

 We’ve also seen a 19% higher CTR in our DSA campaigns vs. campaigns with Extended Text Ads and Responsive Search Ads. 

 Expanding on our initial parameters by utilizing a wider variety of landing pages within the system, we have achieved a 227% higher Conversion Rate!

As we expand the learnings from this campaign to other product launches and new advertisers, we're working closely with Google and other vendors to ensure we can respond quickly and effectively as the global pandemic evolves. While market trends are evolving at a rapid pace, by using these new technologies to adapt our marketing strategies we move with the times and remain in lock-step with new consumer behaviours.