February 4, 2020

Media Buying

Success Story: Global Paid Search Campaign for a Fortune 100 Client


Fueling Paid Search Success Worldwide


Consolidated 100+ accounts across 30 countries into a single bid management platform


Optimized paid search campaigns, achieving close to a 7X return on ad spend


Configured dashboards that enabled 100+ users to access ongoing search insights

From a Fragmented Approach to a Consolidated Strategy

Catalyst leveraged our deep paid search expertise to take a Fortune 100 company’s disparate platforms and lack of standardization and transform it into a cohesive, integrated system that supercharged their performance and maximized business results in just a few short months.

Our new client, a global Fortune 100 company, faced needless fragmentation, siloed approaches, and overwhelming complexity in its paid search program, causing inefficiencies and limiting business growth. Catalyst strategically applied our experience guiding operational excellence across global paid search programs. We trained the client teams across departments and achieved record results.

Catalyst developed and implemented strategies that leveraged our FUSION tools and our team's enterprise paid search expertise to more efficiently scale and optimize the client's global paid search program.

Through a consolidated bid management platform, inter-departmental and inter-agency training, and conversion of local revenue data from homegrown analytics based on dynamically changing exchange rates, Catalyst introduced structure and optimization to what had been a highly uncoordinated operation.


Our client needed an experienced search partner who could apply sophisticated global strategies, advanced analytics, and collaborative leadership.

To maximize business results through paid search, Catalyst first needed to restructure our client’s global paid search operation. We fully integrated search into media reporting and initiative planning, and rolled out real-time dashboards created with specific country, regional, and initiative roll-ups in just a few months. We also conducted onsite client training sessions on three different continents in under 90 days.


Paid search success any way you define it.

Within only a few months of working with the client, Catalyst achieved a 7X increase in return on ad spend. During the same time, we consolidated 100+ accounts across 30 countries into a single bid management platform. We also made search performance reports more accessible across the client’s organization, configuring dashboards that enabled 100+ users to easily access search insights and analytics.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“You’ve taught us a lot and continue to deliver, and deliver, and deliver. Catalyst is hands-down our best vendor.”

- Fortune 100 Client