May 29, 2020


Success Story: Google Discovery Ads to Drive Incremental Subscriptions

Catalyst’s client, a leading Media & Entertainment company in Canada, wanted to increase subscriptions for their product. Partnering with Google, as a leader in beta adoption and new innovations, Catalyst was one of the early adopters of Google’s now widely available Discovery ads format that provides advertisers with a one stop shop format to place native ads across the Google ecosystem. The Discovery format optimizes for high-intent audiences who browse across different Google experiences. Ads are served on the YouTube Feed, Gmail and the Google Discovery Feed.

Adapting To The Changing Consumer Journey Using Discovery Campaigns

Working with our client partner Discovery assets were created for 5 priority titles with strong short-form ad copy and visually appealing assets. Utilizing GroupM best practices, we mixed together affinity, custom affinity and remarketing targeting methods to give the system the flexibility to reach potential customers at different touchpoints in the consumer journey, across the Google network of properties.

The Results: More Subscriptions and Lower CPAs

Since launch Discovery campaigns have contributed 31% of our total conversions using only 6% of total budget. 

As we’ve progressed through 2020 Discovery has become the strongest performing Google channel of them all - even stronger CPAs than Search - and has driven an almost 6x higher conversion rate than YouTube and 2x higher conversion rate than GDN. The Discovery campaign CPA has also been 81% lower than the account wide CPA!